Post Doctoral Researchers

Associated Members

Past Participants

Dr. Levke Caesar: A4 project Oct 2019: November 2022 moved to University of Bremen

Dr Stepen Ogungbenro: A4 Project Feb 2022: Dec 2022 moved to Met Éireann

Miss Katherine Dooley : Línte na Farraige Oct 2021 : Jan 2022 moved to Environmental Protection Agency

Miss Niamh McCarthy: Línte na Farraige, Jan 2022 : Oct 2022 moved to Environmental Protection Agency

Mr Jamie Matthews: A4,Project Feb 2021: Jul 2021, moved to PhD, Imperial College London

Dr Emma Worthington: PhD Student, Oct 2017:Feb 2022, moved to Postdoc, University of Miami

Dr Zoe Roseby: Postdoctoral researcher Oct 2020:May 2023 moved to University of Exeter